Lauren Rantala-Howe

Owner/Head Coach


CrossFit L2
CrossFit Endurance
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACE
Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM

Originally from Minnesota, Lauren ended up in Texas after a series of moves around the country. She went to Michigan Tech where she was a NCAA Nordic Skiier, then promptly moved south after graduation. After living in South Carolina and Oklahoma, an opportunity to coach CrossFit full time brought her to the Dallas area.

Lauren has been training clients of all levels for the past 6 years. Right out of college she began as a personal trainer, then transitioned into group training with Orangetheory Fitness in Charleston, SC. Doing CrossFit “on the side” and coaching OTF, Lauren’s true passion was with CrossFit. The fact that CrossFit can be modified to any ability level truly makes it very
personalized training in a group setting.

Besides CrossFit, Lauren has two dogs and three cats…and maybe one day a goat! She spends her free time watching nature documentaries with her cats, reading Harry Potter, and drinking craft beer. (All at once if she’s lucky!) She is a committed Minnesota Vikings fan and spends her Sundays desperately trying to get the Vikings game to stream, and always finds a way. Lauren is a firm believer that Dallas Cowboys fans should root for the Vikings because of our common
enemy: Aaron Rodgers.

Her favorite part about CrossFit is the community. After several moves alone, Lauren always had an automatic friend group at the CrossFit gym. Between sweating together and “No Shower Happy Hour” you are sure to make some of your best friends.

Marc Howe

Co-Owner/Head Strength &Nutrition Coach


CrossFit Level 2


Marc grew up in Florida playing ice hockey (believe it or not!) before attending prep school in New England.  He then moved to Wisconsin where he played NCAA hockey at Lawrence University.  After his college career he picked up cycling and raced for a semi-pro team back in Florida.  Once moving back to Wisconsin he began full time personal training, as well as working as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Concordia University’s Hockey Team.  


Marc made his way to Texas in 2015 to continue his career in personal training where he became the Fitness Director at Builtco. Little did he know, the real reason he moved to Texas was to meet his now beautiful wife Lauren and be introduced to the real meaning of CrossFit.  


Marc has been training clients for 10 years and specializes in strength and nutrition for his clients. He even spent 6 months going from 220lbs to 270lbs on purpose just so he could lose the weight in the next 6 months to show his clients what a proper nutrition program can do.  

Outside of coaching and CrossFit, these are two fun facts about Marc: 1. He has become a cat enthusiast with his wife and is almost embarrassed to admit how many cats they own. 2. Even though his wife is a die-hard Vikings fan, he still likes to root for the Packers. 


Tricia Hamell


Tricia has always enjoyed sports, fitness and working out.  Her husband Shawn, another fellow Cabra, introduced her to CrossFit in 2011 and she has never looked back. Tricia loves the community CrossFit provides and the opportunity to always be challenged. 


Tricia is known as the gym alter-er extraordinaire! She is making the gym a better place one t-shirt at a time. T-shirt to muscle tank? Tricia is your expert. 


Tricia has lived in the D/FW area since Southlake and Keller were nothing but rural farm land... truly goat land. She has 3 kids,  a husband who loves to CrossFit, and a black lab. She also plays tennis whenever she is not busy watching her kids’ sports.


Tricia is a CrossFit Level 1 certified instructor and Kids CrossFit certified.

Moose and Annabelle

Mascots/Emotional Supporters

CrossFit Gym Dog L1
Certified Greeters
Certified Floor Cleaning Enforcers

Moose and Annabelle are more well-traveled than Lauren! Born in Minnesota, they began their lives with a road trip to Florida. After living in Florida for over year, they lived in Pennsylvania, Upper Michigan, South Carolina, Oklahoma, then finally Texas to stay. #militarydoglife

Moose is known for the clueless look on his face and unquestioning loyalty. He will sit on your feet until you pet him, and he loves to chase and “tries” to catch balls in mid-air. He doesn’t think for himself, so he will do whatever you say, unless Annabelle tells him to do otherwise. Annabelle is known for her stubbornness and her “Golden Retriever Lean” when she wants to be pet. She loves all things having to do with food and will give Lauren the 6:00pm stare down when it’s almost time to go home to eat.

Both gym dogs ensure the floor is cleaned regularly by rolling and shedding EVERYWHERE! They listen well (most of the time) and make all athletes jealous when they get to sleep while everyone else is working out.

Moose and Annabelle have three cat siblings, who they typically ignore, much to the cats’ dismay. They love nothing more than attention from humans, being pet, and eating food. They can’t wait to meet you!